People are drawn to the foods of China, Thailand, Japan, India and other Asian countries for the diversity of flavors, textures, colors and aroma. The creative delight of preparing one's meal, dipping into the several flavors of accompanying sauces, the generous tradition of sharing and eating together, with friends or family - all this is a universal way of celebrating life…

Now allow Lorna to demonstrate to you how to prepare gastronomic delights from Asia. Welcome to the Enchanted Wok!

In an eclectic Asian atmosphere you will learn to prepare a wide variety of dishes. Each class is dedicated to one country, from which a three-course meal will be demonstrated. Once the dishes are ready, participants will sit down around the table, relax, chat, and enjoy the meal. If there is any food left, you may take it home for your family to taste.

Customized Classes

  • You may want to receive one-on-one instruction, or form a group composed by your friends, co-workers or family members.
  • You may choose to come to the instructor or to have the instructor come to your home

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Gift Certificates

bon_cadeau You may purchase gift certificates for people who are special to you
  • One individual session CHF 90.00
  • Package of 4 sessions CHF 320.00 (CHF 80/session)